Disney World

Monday, November 2, 2009

Guess who experienced Disney World for the first time last week?
Deanna Marie Dollar! 

Also present:
Deanna's mom and dad--De & Don
Deanna's birthfather--Robbie
Robbie's mom--Mary Beth 
Robbie's sister--Jacqueline
Deanna's birth 2nd-cousin--Caroline
Mary Beth's sister--Aunt Barbara  (Caroline's mom)
Mary Beth's brother-in-law--Uncle Todd (Caroline's dad)
And a whole gaggle of other friends and family.

No, Amstel didn't make the trip this time, it's always nice to see how our families continue to stay connected in each others lives--not because we have to--but because we want to!  

And yes, that's Mary Beth wearing the awesome pirate hat.  Arrrrrrr...


Laurie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Amy! I have been reading your posts and your story is just beautiful. I have to admit when I scrolled down and saw Deanna, I gasped. She is stunningly beautiful. She looks so much like you and Robbie.

I have an open adoption with my daughter's birthmother but she is not as grounded as you. So we do not have as frequent contact (maybe 3 visits a year). She is also parenting my daughter's birth siblings, so that adds a whole new element! Anyway- just wanted to say hi!

Queen Mama said...

Aww. That's sweet. I WOULD LOVE TO GO! I have yet to go to Disney World.. but soon I say, SOON!

Deanna said...

love it...so awesome

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