Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Deanna Marie! video Love, Amy Hutton :)


Zaxby's Fan said...

This is so cute! Happy birthday Deanna!

A & J said...

Wow, watching that video I can imagine how today must be bittersweet for you. You have been in my prayers this week and I hope when tomorrow comes you are looking forward to year five in Deanna's life. She's one lucky to little girl to have you in her life. In some ways I imagine it would be easier for you to have no contact with her but she will certainly benefit from having such a loving and courageous "tummy mommy" to look up to in addition to her Mom and Dad.

Deanna said...

Hey Amy...great meeting you today. can't wait to work with you on the TRTL Board...

your daughter has a beautiful name...LOL

Deanna Jones

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