Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So it's June of 2005. I'm 8 months pregnant, I look like I swallowed a basketball, and I'm at the Montour Heights Country Club in Pittsburgh with Robbie's family. It's right before my high school graduation, and I'm trying to enjoy the last few days in Moon Township before I have to make the final move to North Carolina to have the babe. I have on my navy blue Mimi Maternity swimsuit (the cutest swimwear you'll ever see on a pregnant woman) and I'm wading in the pool with Robbie's sister Jacqueline (who happens to be my best friend) and some of her younger cousins. Robbie's 7-year-old cousin swims up to me, looks me up and down, and then asks, "Are you going to have a baby?" Uh-oh, how the heck am I going to explain this one? "Umm, yes, I'm going to have a baby." She then asks, "Well are you married?" BIG uh-oh. "No, I'm not married, but I'm old enough to be married," I cautiously explained to her. 'Well then how come you're going to have a baby?" Yikes...she's a spry one! I knew I couldn't explain the real story to a 7-year-old, so I sort of gave her an answer that I quickly made up on the spot. Words just started pouring out. "Remember how God asked Mary if she would have a baby named Jesus, and Mary said yes? Well God asked me if I would have a baby...and I told him that I would. So now I'm going to have a baby for a family who really wants a baby to love." Wow. I thought about what I had just said. I was surprised at how quickly I came up with an answer. Pat on the back for me! Except, wait a minute! I just compared myself to the Virgin Mary! That was probably a huge sin in itself! But I couldn't think of anything better to tell such an innocent little girl. She looks up at me and seems quite satisfied with my answer. "Oh," she says with acceptance. "Whew, she bought it!" I thought triumphantly. No more explaining to do! But after pondering my answer for a minute longer, she turns around and asks me mischievously, "Does Robbie know you're going to have a baby?" "Uhhh, yes, I'm pretty sure he does" I said trying to hold back a huge smile.


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