Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My older sister, Michelle, age 24, is one of my favorite people in the entire world. She is absolutely amazing. She is one of those people who does the most random stuff--and acts like it's completely normal. I wasn't surprised the day she came home and told us that she was going to be a seasonal police officer in Ocean City for the summer (Oh, okay). And I didn't blink an eye when I mentioned that I felt unsafe walking home at night and she offered me her extra pocket knife since she just upgraded to a switch blade. And the time she tackled a 60-year-old peeping tom outside my aunt's window in South Carolina, put him in a headlock, and handcuffed him in the driveway? Normal. Somehow, someway, mother nnature decided that she liked Michelle so much that Deanna ended up favoring, not me, but Michelle. In fact, she resembles Michelle so much that it's scary. I'm pretty sure that I was the one who craved watermelon and Hawaiian Punch (Tahitian Treat) for 9 months and then went through labor. Yeah, almost positive. But Michelle doesn't mind taking credit for the Hutton chin/nose/cheekbones. Those are a rare find, and I sure wasn't a part of that "genetic miracle. " Michelle gave this sweatshirt to Deanna on her 3rd birthday. Deanna said that she couldn't wait to grow up and be a "life garden!" Michelle was skeptical when I first told her about my decision to place Deanna in an open adoption. 'What if they never let you see her again? How can you trust these people?" I didn't really have an answer except to say, "you just have to meet them." As soon as she did, she knew what I meant. I spent the duration of the pregnancy getting to know Deanna's parents so that we could develop a strong relationship build on trust and communication. This would have never worked if we had doubts or concerns. Michelle eventually changed her mind after meeting De and Don. One of my biggest fears was upsetting my family with my decision. But when I talk to Michelle about it today, I know that she has accepted my decision and she loves Deanna and her new family as if they were her own. And THAT means the world to me...


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