25 THINGS...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

1) Deanna and I share the same middle name, Marie. 2) I helped Don & De choose the name Deanna Marie. 3) I ravenously ate watermelon and fruit punch (Tahitian Treat) for 9 months...and everyone thought I was turning into a different race. 4) I had severe "cankles." Yes, my calves went straight down into my ankles about 7 months in. Attractive. 5) Because of my cankles, my friends pushed me around in a wheelchair for two months during the sweltering hot summer in North Carolina. Trouble. 6) Big feet = hurt ribs 7) I stand stronger in my belief that abortion should never be an option after going through unplanned pregnancy myself. 8) De and I had a joint baby shower in North Carolina. She got cribs and strollers... I got college stuff (which of course included a string bikini). 9) I laughed through labor...seriously. They gave me medicine that made me giggle and I started telling ghost stories. Doctor Anthony advised that I stop...but I couldn't. 10) My best friend Jacqueline and I shared a bed for the last 3 months of my pregnancy....we had some serious cover fights. And Deanna kicked both of us. 11) 9 = the average number of times I got up to pee at night. My bladder was reduced to the size of a walnut. 12) I wasn't allowed to eat sushi...(high levels of merc). :( 13) De slept in the same hospital room with me for three days after the babe was born. 14) My family did not want to meet De and Don. They only did at the hospital because they had to...and they immediately changed their minds after meeting them. :) 15) My uncle Alan died from a massive heart attack a few weeks before Deanna was born...and that made my decision so much more difficult because I didn't want to cause any more hurt. 16) Deanna is Type-A personality--just like me. She has to have matching hair ties on each side of the handlebars of her bicycle...oh, perfectionism. 17) Deanna knows that I am her "Tummy Mommy." 18) When Angela and I stayed over Deanna's house in Myrtle Beach this past May, Deanna woke me up at 7:00am to give me a Mothers Day Card and a lock of hair from her first haircut. 19) A little bit of distance can be a good thing. 20) Deanna calls me, "Amy Hutton" (with a tiny little southern accent) because her aunt's name is Amy White. 21) I was 99% sure Deanna was going to be a boy--even after the doctor told me otherwise. 22) I gave a speech at Meredith College about open adoption and Don & De brought Deanna in at the end of the speech as a surprise...it was amazing. 23) Deanna absolutely loves watermelon. :) 24) When you walk across the stage at high school graduation in a white gown when you're 7 and a half months pregnant, you might resemble a blimp. FYI. 25) I wouldn't change a thing!


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