NC State Fair Tomorrow

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Working the Triangle Right to Life booth at the North Carolina State Fair tomorrow....stop by our booth if you have a chance! 3-6 Sunday afternoon. Hope to see you all there!

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Pam said...

Hey Amy! Tomorrow will be awesome. Denise and I, along with Keshaun, went last Sunday. It was really good. Got into a very serious discussion with a pro abortion young couple. Who knows what you will encounter! Keep going are awesome!

Amanda said...

Your new "profile" photo just cracks me up. I'm not brave enough to post any of me- I write so many things on my blog that I wouldn't want some people to least if I only have a picture of the Virgin Mary up- if I ever get caught writing about my life, I have a chance of convincing people it wasn't me haha.

On a more serious note, your story seems to be gathering a fair amount of attention, not all of it kind. I saw what one birthmother wrote to you, about your blog being too rosy and cheery. Please do not let them dissuade you. I grant them that I think you will, one day, perhaps soon, have to answer some tough questions from Deanna. I don't think it will be easy. Adoption, even open, is complicated, and I don't think that you can "avoid" the tough questions ahead. But why would you want to avoid them?

I believe, like you, that God has a plan. Some birthmothers I know don't like that. How could it have been God's plan for me to not raise my own child, for my child to be separated from me? They don't like the idea of "destiny," or "fate" or , what we refer to as "God's will."

But what they do not realize is that it has nothing to do with them. God did not plan for someone to accidentally get pregnant, and then make an adoption plan for their child. God's plan was the baby. This is about God's plan for a baby, for his or her new life. It's not their story anymore-it's the child's. Somehow your blog reflects that.

And I admire you for being brave enough to publicly respond to that comment, to stick to your beliefs and the cause of God and of life, to encourage fellow women to think for themselves, to respect themselves, and to do the best they can with the trials and miracles God gives them.

I don't think things will always go as smoothly as they do. Nothing is ever easy. But I DO know that you'll handle it with grace and love, and I know that Deanna is lucky to have you in her life.

Hope to read more from you soon,

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