Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hey blog friends, here's something sad: I was forced to change all of the blog descriptions on my websites from "explore the journey of a 22-year-old birthmom" to "explore the journey of a 23-year-old birthmom." Yes, it's true...I am officially 23-years-old today.  Maybe I'm overreacting a bit, but I swear a saw a tiny wrinkle on my forehead this morning.  No joke.  I used to scoff at the thought of using sun screen and moisturizing facial lotions every day, but this isn't a laughing matter anymore!  It's SPF 60 24/7 from here on out!

Aside from the physical changes involved in getting older, I'm actually kind of excited to be 23.  Here's why:  every year since I've been 18 has just gotten better and better for me.  19 was better than 18, 20 was better than 19, 21 was better than 20, etc, etc.  You get the idea.  So I have really high hopes for the next chapter of my life.  

Ideally, during the next year, I'd like to have at least 100 registered blog followers (register now if you're not already!), start writing a book about my experience with unplanned pregnancy and open adoption, continue educating people about open adoption through public speaking engagements and blogging, promote the pro-life message throughout the Triangle, complete a triathlon, learn how to cook (well), host a fundraiser to support local single moms, and to become a successful, well-known public relations professional.  Whew, that alot!  Did I mention that I'm a recovering perfectionist?  A few years ago that list would have taken up at least three more blog posts.  I'm still working on setting realistic goals and standards for myself.  "Hi, my name is Amy Hutton and I've been clean from perfectionism for...3 minutes now." 

FYI, I just joined Twitter!  Follow me!

And now for my favorite quote of the day:
"Every time I want to say 'Happy Birthday' to you, I hesitate because of the one time you tricked people on April Fool's Day..."
-Billy Smith, one of my closest friends from PA



Natalie said...

Happy Birthday Amy! I like your "to-do" list...let a figgy know if you need help getting it done. You do know how I love to plan!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Amy! You have accomplished so much at such a young age. I can imagine just how much you will accomplish in your life. I am so happy to read your blog. I have really started to think much more about having an open adoption when our time comes. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Amy!! Best Wishes during your 23rd year! I hope you accomplish everything on your list!!


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