Monday, May 11, 2009

First of all....thank you to everyone who sent such kind and thoughtful messages to me after reading the N&O article...I loved reading each and every one of them! This weekend was such a whirlwind...it went by way too quickly. Between graduation, graduation parties, families visiting, seeing Don, De, & Deanna, and Mother's Day, I'm not sure where it all went! But I know this much, I'll never forget it in a million years. Deanna gave me a few special things for Tummy Mommy Day this year: A card reading "AMY HV ISE HUTTON WJE HIP HAPPY GRDVUY" which of course means Happy Graduation Amy Hutton. Also, De and Deanna made a beautiful bracelet for me with shiny gray beads. A tiny charm on the clasp of the bracelet said one word: "LIFE" and I thought to myself, what an amazing gift! But Don had a special graduation gift waiting for me when I walked into the Leonard house for my graduation party...he told me to close me eyes and put out my hands. He then placed a large, ripe watermelon in my arms. You may recall that there was a time during my pregnancy that I was obsessed with watermelon. I probably cut into three whole watermelons a week. That's alot of melon! Fond memories. Don came up with an Acronym for dealing with life's difficult situations. He told me after my after graduation, "WWAHD." "What does that mean?" I asked curiously. "What Would Amy Hutton Do? " he said with a huge smile. :) Final thing today. If you or someone you know if experiencing an unplanned pregnancy please contact me! Send me an email at amhutto2@ncsu.edu. I'd be so happy to speak about my experience and offer my advice and support. Okay, now I'm off to the beach for the week... http://blogs.newsobserver.com/multi/open-adoption-is-this-familys-path


Amanda said...

There is something absolutely beautiful about your blog, and more importantly, about your situation and the choices you've made for yourself and your daughter. I'm about the same age as you(20, going into my sophomore year in college- Italian major) and I was adopted. I assume that you already know that your circumstances are special,and that you're situation is not exactly "the norm", but I wanted to just tell you that as someone who has lived on the other side of the equation, your actions and the attitudes of you and your family are just....so commendable. So fabulous. Your daughter, though she is probably still too young to *really* grasp the situation, will benefit in so many ways from what you've done for her,and for what her family is doing for her. I just had to say something, I hope you're not offended. Everyone should hear what you have to say. I know that you didn't do any of this for praise,or for recognition, but you deserve it. If all birthmothers were like you,(and I know that mine certainly is not) this world of adoption would be so much better.

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