Friday, May 8, 2009

Welcome back to the Amstel Light Show! Okay, so the Raleigh News & Observer is doing a big feature story on our open adoption story for Mother's Day this Sunday...yay! It's been such a great experience interviewing with Luci Chavez from the N&O, and I'm really interested to see how the article turns out. I just hope that the article is able to show people what open adoption truly is and more importantly, what it has the potential to become. I'm not saying that open adoption is the answer to every crisis pregnancy situation, but it's at least an option worth exploring. Fun fact: I met with Luci to interview for the story last week at Panera Bread on Walnut Street in Cary, NC...the exact same place that I met Don & De for the first time more than 4 years ago! If you can't pick up a copy, check out http://www.newsobserver.com/ on Sunday, May 10. In case you cared: Graduation - Saturday. Mother's Day - Sunday. Vacation - Monday through Sunday. First Day of Real Job - Next Monday Okay, I just realized that my mom, De, Deanna, and myself will all be together on Mother's Day this year and that's never happened before. Last year Deanna gave me a card that read, "happy tummy mommy day!" Isn't she sweet? She must have great parents :) What would YOU like to know about our open adoption? I'm ready and willing to blog about anything you wish. Now, I've already covered cankles, cravings, and cramps. Let's make this interesting. Name that topic please! Mother's Day 2008 in South Carolina^


Zaxby's Fan said...

Thanks for telling me about the article the other day and I can't wait to see it on Sunday!

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