About Amy

Amy, 27, is the birthmother of an eight-year-old daughter placed via open adoption.  Amy has been featured in stories about open adoption in the Raleigh News and Observer, The Daily Reveille, and NC Catholics. Amy has co-presented “How to De-Freakify Open Adoption” at an Open Adoption Symposium held at the University of Richmond School of Law.

Amy has authored articles in Adoption Advocate, a publication of the National Council for Adoption:
Issue No. 41: My Perspective on Open Adoption and Recommendations for Birthparents
National Council for Adoption the Blog - Open Adoption: a Birthmother's Story

In her spare time, she enjoys playing on an adult coed soccer team (Amuuuurica!) and writing about open adoption on her personal blog, Amstel Life. Amy recently got married and currently resides in Raleigh where she works as a marketing director.


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